Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Reality's so hard

Today I got the call to 'come on home' (back to NZ). That was a shock, but hardly unexpected. What was harder to take, was that the estimated evacuation period would be for about six months. (i.e. returning after the elections were over) This, the NGO said, was too long and so my program is being reluctantly terminated with nine months left to run.

So I have five days to pack up and get on a flight to Darwin (West Island - ha ha) then to the South Island, NZ.

There is so much work to do and no one to really take over from me.

I was told that this afternoon, DFAT (Aus) had changed their advice AGAIN back to 'evacuate'. If my bosses could get earlier flights, they would, but right now the first available is Monday 12th March.

Getting household effects home seems prohibitive @ US$480 per cubic metre.

Tomorrow I have a meeting booked with a senior official to see if there is a prospect of work here under a different set of conditions. If so, then I hope to be back before the end of the year.

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