Monday, 5 March 2007

All quiet in my Dili day

21:21 Dili time

Funny how being cooped up over the weekend of unrest got me motivated to go to work today, at a Government building. No other malae were there but I thought the local Timorese were OK for a full day's work. After lunch I found that they had gone, or rather simply not come back.

Late this afternoon I received a text message saying that DFAT (Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) had issued an email saying that Australians in Timor should evacuate. I'm not Australian, but other Governments, including my own would certainly take note and lick their pencils. Well, that was stirring news, so I emailed it all out to my list. About an hour later I received an update; DFAT had changed their status down to 'leave if you feel unsafe'. Grrr. Still, this is better news than the first missive. Another mass-email, along with a Word document showing 'before' and 'after' changes to back it up has hopefully kept faith in the information I've been spreading!

A couple of charter planes are due in the next day or so to evacuate AVI (Australian Volunteers) and some AusAid people.

Right now I am home with the power off. Have got a good car battery and a 1000w invertor, so that will keep the radio, laptop and desklamp going for about 5 hours.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

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